Preeti and Mahendra Deva
Humans of Woodlea

Preeti and Mahendra Deva

Taking control and creating opportunities

Preeti and Mahendra on taking control and creating opportunities


When Preeti and Mahendra Deva moved to Australia from India in 2008, the courageous couple were filled with the excitement and natural nervousness that comes with uprooting your life.  Enthralled by the lively and welcoming spirit of the greater western region – one that flawlessly mirrors their own personalities – Preeti and Mahendra purchased their first home in 2010 and welcomed their second son. 


It is Preeti and Mahendra’s zest for life, which with juggling family life and full time work, had them seeking more. Preetis’ drive to create her own opportunities arose when she struggled to perform Bollywood dancing in the western suburbs and felt as though her passion was dwindling. 

It was then that Preeti recalled thinking, “Why wait for opportunities to come knocking? Let’s be the person who creates opportunity and makes the platform for yourself.”


Since taking control of creating her own opportunities, Preeti has presented countless Bollywood Dance performances and enjoys sharing her unique talent through hosting dance lessons for small groups within the community and surrounding areas.

For Mahendra, a workplace table tennis competition ignited a passion for the sport and was the beginning of his journey founding the local table tennis club. Hooked from the get go, Mahendra was motivated to grow the club and in doing so, he created an outlet where community members feel connected.


Highly successful, the Table Tennis Club has since seen council members join and competitions have become a popular pastime. Continuing to grow, there are plans to relocate from the Woodlea community centre to a permanent location at Aintree Primary School.


It is the Deva family’s inspiring perspective of taking charge that got them through the challenging year of 2020.

“Once I shift my feelings from fear and uncertainty to what I can be thankful for and what I can control, I started to better manage my emotions and make the best out of the situation,” Preeti reflected.


Preeti and Mahendra’s journey of taking charge of their fate has landed them in their forever home in Rockbank, Aintree, a place in which they have never felt more at home.


Preeti and Mahendra’s story is part of Humans of Woodlea, an initiative by the fully-integrated, master-planned community to highlight the unique stories of its residents whilst illustrating its diversity and spirit.