Kirsty Milne
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Kirsty Milne

Why this mum turned her back on a law career to launch her own graphic design business

When Kirsty Milne fell pregnant, she knew she wanted more flexibility than her current career as a paralegal offered, so she made the life changing decision to launch her own graphic design business. 


Kirsty began designing wedding invitations during her maternity leave as a creative outlet, selling the designs online for additional income. 


Fast forward six years, Kirsty has evolved from selling invitation designs online to Peg & Pencil, a fully fledged graphic design business that Kirsty runs from home in Woodlea. 


As a self-taught artist, Kirsty developed her graphic design skills by taking online business and graphic design courses, even using Youtube videos to hone her craft. 


Working with clients all across the world, Peg & Pencil offers graphic design and brand development services for small to medium sized businesses including logos, business cards and websites, as well as social media on a small scale and marketing templates.


Making the move from a remote town in New Zealand, Kirsty and her young family relocated to Woodlea in 2017. The mother of two now runs her business out of a small home studio, referring to the working arrangement as one that requires discipline but finds the flexibility incredibly rewarding. 


Describing Woodlea as a thriving hub for families and business owners,  Kirsty says she finds the community supportive, with a group of local small business owners supporting and encouraging one another to keep going, and if the opportunity arises, to work together. 

“As soon as you arrive in Woodlea, you get the whole community feel. It has everything you need right on your doorstep and it is so convenient for young families with an abundance of parks and ovals, which also make socialising quite easy.”


With almost 3000 followers on Instagram, Kirsty is making her mark on social media as a lifestyle and parenting influencer, hoping to launch the Peg & Pencil business into a full style brand. 


Kirsty’s story is part of Humans of Woodlea, an initiative by the fully integrated master planned community as a means of highlighting the unique stories of its residents, whilst showing its diversity and spirit.