Olivia Scalzo
Humans of Woodlea

Olivia Scalzo

How this local personal trainer has committed to keeping her community healthy

Qualified personal trainer Olivia Scalzo is lending her expertise to inspire her local community by instilling in them the confidence and positive habits fundamental to leading healthier lives.


After years of interest in the fitness industry and a fondness for working with people, Olivia took the leap and started her personal training and group fitness business — Liv PT — working with parents and families within her local area to guide them towards their fitness goals.


Since starting her business in 2017, Olivia has played a major role in propelling the local community towards their own personal fitness finish lines. Last year, Olivia offered free training sessions to the community for the Run for the Kids 2019 event.

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This was a result of Olivia’s sister becoming the youngest child to successfully have a spleen removed at just three years old — she wanted to show her support for the Royal Children’s Hospital in any way she could.


“Being active is completely invaluable when it comes to both our mental and physical health. I am just as keen to improve the mental wellbeing of those following my advice as I am interested in the physical side,” she explained.


Olivia is a great advocate for the overwhelming health and social benefits of participating in group exercise, and seems to stop at nothing in order to share her wealth of knowledge and advice when it comes to fitness.


“Exercising in groups is not only a great way to meet people, but it also provides the opportunity for individuals to comprehend the importance of accountability when it comes to regular exercise and making a commitment to their health.”



Olivia’s business Liv PT is successful both in its ability to enhance the lives of her clients, but also in being a huge accomplishment for Olivia too. Building her own clientele at the age of 29 is something anybody would be extremely proud of.


Olivia’s story is part of Humans of Woodlea, an initiative by the fully-integrated, master-planned community to highlight the unique stories of its residents, while illustrating its diversity and spirit.