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We're excited to introduce a new community initiative, Community Conversations by Woodlea.


Whether you’re renting or own your own home, involved in a local community group or work in the local area, we want to hear from you!

Led by Woodlea’s dedicated Community Development Manager, our aim is to work with residents as well as groups within the community and listen to their needs and wants, to further shape our community for years to come.

Voice for Residents

This initiative is committed to continuously engaging with our residents, both virtually and in person, to better inform key opportunities and areas to focus on for the development.

As we discover opportunities for growth, our working group will share your insights and provide advice with Woodlea to shape future plans & considerations.

A Simple Process

Providing Advice

Community Conversations will provide advice to Woodlea from its residents, about key focus areas in:

  • Sustainability & green open space
  • Education
  • Amenity & facilities
  • Connectivity & transport
  • Community 

This is your opportunity to further shape our community for years to come!

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