If unsafe traffic behavior is occuring in our community residents need to report this to the Police who will follow up accordingly. Residents are encouraged to photograph these events and provide evidence to the Police.

On windy days, we recommend:

for windows & doors to be kept closed & that clothes are not hung outside.

Regularly clean air conditioner & pool filters and on some occasions curtains

Use door seals & window seals to minimise dust getting into your home

Once parks across Woodlea have been copleted by Woodlea’s landcape contractor and approved by Council, Woodlea are responsibile for the maintenance of the park for a period of two years. Once this period has been complete to the stisfaction of Counicl, Council then assume maintenance responsibiltiy for the park. If residents have any concerns regarding the maintenance of parks, we encourage them to downlaod the Snap Send Solve app or to contact Council via the link below

Woodlea is responsible for the sale and delivery of each townhouse in partnership with selected builders which include, Mirvac Home Builders, Burbank, Nostra Homes, Homebuyers Centre and Porter Davis. Woodlea in partnership with the selected builders manage the design, construction and settlement of your townhouse.

All townhouses are provided on a freehold title which means there is no body corporate fees to pay.

Turn key means your townhouse is built with all the necessary inclusions, so you can move in right away after settlement. Your new home will be complete inside and out with fencing, driveway, front and rear landscaping and letter box all in place.

In 2020 PTV commenced operation of a local bus service between Woodlea and the Rockbank Train Station. The bus service is known as the ‘444 Rockbank Station to Aintree’. Timetable information can be found on the PTV website https://www.ptv.vic.gov.au/route/13680/444-rockbank-station-to-aintree/.

It is anticipated that this bus service will be expended as new areas of Woodlea become populated with residents.

Woodlea has constructed a shared path on Leakes Road from Woodlea Boulevard to the Rockbank Train Station thereby providing a safe pedestrian access for residents to the train station

The Government has not committed to electrification of the Melton rail line, which would include Rockbank. It is however nominated as an infrastructure project in Plan Melbourne, with delivery anticipated in the next 10 to 15 years.

The OMR is designated as a strategic major arterial road in Plan Melbourne and will be subject to Vic Roads policy and decision making. Plan Melbourne and current VicRoads advice envisages the OMR being delivered in stages between 2030 – 2050.

Within Woodlea Taylors Road has been constructed as a 2 lane carriageway constructed over 3 stages. The third and final Stage of Taylors Road was completed in 2020 providing residents with a direct link from Woodlea through to Caroline Springs.

There will be subsequent works to upgrade the intersection at Frontier Avenue and Taylors Road to provide access to future residential areas to the north of Taylors Road. These works are expected to occur 2024+.

Longer term Taylors Road it will duplicated to a 4-6 lane carriage way by Vicroads, depending on traffic volumes and available funding. Leakes Road will remain a two lane carriageway during the development of Woodlea and ultimately become a 4-6 lane carriageway in the long term also subject to Vicroads planning, traffic need and funding.

Landscaping and shared paths along the Kororoit Creek are forecast to be progressively constructed between 2020-2027, the works will occur at the same time as the construction stormwater treatment wetlands and associated landscaping. This will mean that these areas will be available for residents to enjoy soon after they have moved into their homes.

The Deanside Wetlands is a conservation area consisting of two wetlands and which has been reserved as habitat for indigenous fauna and flora. Woodlea are required to enhance this area by removing any weeds and rubbish before handing it over to the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning to manage in perpetuity. The surrounds of the Wetlands will include shared paths, fencing, planting and stormwater wetlands and rain gardens.

A shared path network encouraging jogging/cycling and walking will be constructed along key routes linking all neighbourhood parks, the active open space, woodlands, Kororoit Creek & town centres. Each neighbourhood park will have an outdoor fitness station which will lead to a higher order fitness space in the Active Open Space precinct.

Woodlea has proudly already delivered multiple sporting facilities for the community including:
2 Cricket ovals
10 tennis courts – multipurpose with netball
Outdoor basketball court
Skate Park
Cricket nets

The balance of the project will see the following delivered for community use:
2 soccer pitches and soccer pavilion
2 further AFL ovals to be delivered by Council
Indoor sports facility to be delivered by Council

Not on website

If your nature strip has been damaged after Woodlea has notified you of handover then it is the residents responsibility to make good any damage areas. This could occur from parking on the nature strip, builders driving over the space or vandalism.

The works are delayed approximately 18 months after the issue of titles, depending on the season, because we do not believe it is reasonable for the resident to maintain the nature strips while they are going through the building process. We have calculated that 18 months is sufficient time for the vast majority of works to be completed within a stage and minimise disturbance so once handed over to the residents there is not additional works that need to occur by the resident due to builder damage

Not on website

The tree is maintained by Arborists and does not need to be maintained by the resident. If you would like, you are encouraged to water the tree 2-3 times a week with a bucket of water

The nature strip is owned by the City of Melton however it is the residents responsibility to maintain this space

Maintaining your nature strip is a requirement of the local council and is a Local Laws offence not to keep your nature strip within the required guidelines. Woodlea encourages all residents to maintain their nature strip to prevent fines being issued from Council.

Woodlea is happy to provide a suggested list of services that can assist in nature strip maintenance. Please contact us for further details.

Your nature strip is the land adjacent to your land. This includes the land in front of the lot and in the instances of corner lots, the land down the side.

It is a requirement of the City of Melton for all residents of Melton to maintain the nature strips adjacent to the lot.

Nature strips and trees will be completed when the bulk of houses are completed within your stage to avoid damage during the building construction phase. Once completed, residents are responsible for maintaining nature strips including regular mowing and removal of weeds. This will be regulated by Woodlea & Melton City Council.

Depending on the planting seasons, parks will typically completed within two years of title release for that stage to ensure parks are open at a time when a majority of the residents are moving in.

Neighbourhood parks will be designed to cater for a range of age groups and include distinctive and high quality play equipment , barbecues, shelters, passive kick about space and seating.

Woodlea has a dog park within ‘Wireless Park’ located in Stage 20 on Wireless Drive. The park was opened in 2020 and includes play spaces and a BBQ area as well as an off-leash area.

Shared cycling and walking paths will be located throughout the estate. On road cycling lanes will be located on arterial and higher order collector roads.

The Bonniebrook Road bridge is now open providing both vehicle and pedestrian access.

Woodlea commenced sales and construction in 2015. The development is expected to be substantially complete between 2030 and 2035 subject to future sales rates, economic conditions and delivery of major infrastructure.

The Woodlea development proposes 7000 homes of varied housing types to suit a broad range of resident preferences.

The main entrances to Woodlea are via Leakes Road and Taylors Road.

Leakes Road / Woodlea Boulevard intersection – Under Construction. This entry is currently being modified into a left-in / left-out intersection in accordance the Rockbank North PSP, this is expected to be complete at the end of 2022.

Taylors Road / Frontier Avenue intersection – Open. Currently constructed as an unsignalized T-intersection, this intersection will be signalized in future when traffic demands require additional capacity.

Taylors Road / Fields Street / Aintree Boulevard intersection – Open. This intersection was fully completed and signalized late 2019.

Taylors Road / Bardnards Road intersection – This intersection has been constructed as an interim T-intersection to provide access to residents on the eastern side of the Kororoit Creek. Once the Bonnie Brook Bridge is constructed this intersection will be converted to a left-in / left-out only arrangement in accordance with the Rockbank North PSP.

Leakes Road / Warhawke Road intersection – This intersection is located on Leakes Road, north of Taylors Road at the current intersection of Beattys Road and Leakes Road. This intersection will be constructed in future to provide access to this area of the sub-division. This is expected to occur 2025+.

Woodlea seeks to provide different size housing options to cater individual purchasers requirements and budget. This includes a mix of large and small traditional allotments, medium density townhouses and small lot housing allotments. The higher density townhouses are located around areas of high amenity, such as the local town centre, major town centre (by others), open spaces, sporting and community facilities.

In the future Woodlea may offer apartment style housing, this will be subject to economic feasibility and is envisaged to occur once the local town centre and major town centre is established.

Yes, we encourage you to do a site inspection. The Woodlea Sales Team will let you know when you can safely inspect your block, typically once titles are registered. Valuers for finance can also access site typically 4 weeks prior to title release.

It is your responsibility to make sure you are in a position to settle on time. This entails contacting your bank or mortgage broker to ensure that the funds will be available at least 24 hours prior to the advised settlement timeframe. In addition, it is recommended to conduct a site inspection of your block to ensure any rubbish has been removed and that survey pegs, which define the boundaries of your block, are all in place.

No, you do not have to attend settlement. Your legal representative will undertake all tasks needed to ensure the settlement process is carried out successfully.

You can request a delay in settlement and if it is granted you will be required to pay a fee of $500 plus penalty interest. The interest rate for penalty interest is 6% p.a. plus the rate determined under Section 2 of Penalty Interest Rates Act 1983 which is currently 10% p.a. Therefore a total of 16% p.a penalty interest applies.This means that for every day that you cannot settle, it will cost you more. If an extension request is granted and settlement does not occur within 10 business days of the original due date, Woodlea will proceed to issue rescission notices.

There are many parties involved in the process for getting all the approvals required. There are relevant authorities such as water/sewer, power and NBN Co, the Council’s team and Woodlea’s own consultants. Woodlea’s development team works diligently to ensure the forecast timeframes are achieved but sometimes things occur that are out of our control. Purchasers will be communicated with regularly regarding the progress of construction and forecast title registration.

Whilst it is not mandatory, it is strongly recommended that you engage the services of a conveyancer or lawyer who specialise in the legal requirements carried out during the settlement process.

Your legal representative will inform you of the proposed settlement date when they are notified by Woodlea’s legal representative, Maddocks Lawyers. The Woodlea Sales and Settlements Team will also notify you directly once titles have registered.

To ensure it is regularly maintained, free of rubbish, debris and overgrown vegetation and secured to ensure others do not illegaly dump material. It is advised to erect temporary fencing around the perimiter of your lot prior to commencing building to help prevent anyone dumping material on your lot. The developer will regulate presentation of vacant lots and completed lots to ensure regular maintenance of gardens/nature strips is undertaken by residents.

No. Sales boards are strictly prohibited. Resale of a lot prior to constructing a dwelling is prohibited by Woodlea. Permission to resell will only be provided if there are exceptional circumstances for the resale (i.e. financial hardship) which can be clearly demonstrated by the purchaser. This restriction is intended to prevent investors speculating on the land and on-selling without making a contribution towards the growth of the Woodlea community.

This is a grassed area located adjacent to the Rain Garden / Sediment Basin that is set aside for Council maintenance of the Sediment Basin. At intervals of approximately 3-5 years and at Council’s discretion, Council will undertake maintenance of the Sediment basin which requires the use of the sediment dry out area. Council will drain the water out of the sediment basin and remove the dirt (sediment) at the bottom of the basin with an excavator and place it on the grassed area to dry out. Once the sediment has dried out (no longer waterlogged) Council will use an excavator to place the sediment into a truck and take it off-site.

Wetlands and rain gardens are used to treat the storm water runoff from roads and houses before the water enters into the surrounding waterways. They are designed to remove pollutants from the water such as rubbish, sediments., nitrogen and phosphorus. Wetlands are larger water bodies that rely on biological processes to filter the water, while rain gardens are specially designed garden beds that filer storm water runoff using the soil, plants and microbes.

As part of the overall sewer strategy that Greater Western Water have developed for the Rockbank area, in strategic locations the sewer is required to be pumped. Sewer pump stations are designed to meet Australian technical design standards which includes requirements for maintenance, odour control and emergency back ups. The emergency back up’s required include backup storage, pumps and alarms which are in place to avoid any spillages that would pose a health risk. Currently there are two sewer pump stations planned within. One is within Aintree and located on the eastern boundary of Woodlea adjacent to the OMR land, this pump station is completed and under operation by Greater Western Water. The other Sewer Pump Station is located in the north of Woodlea near the future football ovals, this pump station is completed and under operation by Greater Western Water.

Yes – The State Government announced in the 2022/23 State Budget a $30m funding commitment to construct the Aintree Specialist School (interim name), co-located with the Aintree Secondary School campus. The specialist school will be delivered by the State Government and is planned to open Q1 2024, with timing purely at the discretion of the State Government. Upon opening, the school will cater for up to approximately 144 students. Further details on the school delivery can be found on https://www.schoolbuildings.vic.gov.au/aintree-specialist-school-interim-name


Woodlea Early Education is owned and operated by The Ellis Family who have over 14 years’ experience in the childcare sector, and have managed several successful early education and care centres as Eclipse Early Education. See ‘Will there be childcare facilities?’ also for additional information.

The State Government announced in the 2022/23 State Budget a $45m funding commitment to construct the first stage of the Aintree Secondary School (interim name), which will be co-located with the Aintree Specialist School. The Secondary School will be delivered by the State Government and is planned to open Q1 2024, with timing purely at the discretion of the State Government. Upon opening the school will cater for Years 7 to 12 and up to 550 students. The school will then expand in stages in line with enrolment and population growth to ultimately cater for 1200 students. Further details on the school delivery can be found on https://www.schoolbuildings.vic.gov.au/aintree-secondary-school-interim-name

The government primary school in the southern portion of the site known as Aintree Primary school officially opened in 2021. For further information on the school can be found at https://www.schoolbuildings.vic.gov.au/schools/Pages/RockbankNorthPrimarySchool.aspx?fbclid=IwAR3DG2zGmLccwKSVyat3r_NrswZQhuNGXy-f-J6R_VojVqE1D9-0LP3U_VM or https://www.facebook.com/AintreePrimarySchool

There is also a government primary school site located in the area north of Taylors Road, the timing of this site is unknown and subject to demand and a future business case.

There are no plans for a Catholic school at this stage.

Bacchus Marsh Grammar (BMG) opened in Term 1 of 2019. BMG currently operates as a Kindergarten to Year 8 school. It was announced on 14 October 2022 that BMG would expand to provide end to end learning across Kindergarten to Year 12. The expansion will commence in 2023 and be staged over a 5 to 10 year period, with timing subject to economic conditions and authority approvals. Woodlea makes no representations with respect to enrolments for children of Woodlea residents and enrolment consideration and acceptance is solely at BMG’s discretion, noting the high demand for a Bacchus Marsh Grammar education. For all enrolment enquiries please visit https://www.bmg.vic.edu.au/enrolments/ or call 03 5366 4900.

There are currently 3 operating childcare centres within Woodlea.

1.) Bacchus Marsh Grammar operate an Early Learning Centre (ELC) at its Woodlea Campus.
2.) Woodlea Early Education Group operate a kindergarten and childcare facility located on Fields Street which is to the north of the Active Open Space.
3.) One Tree Community Services operate a kindergarten and long day care facility within the Council owned Timbertop Children’s & Community Centre located at the corner of Timebertop Parade and Fields Street.

A further childcare is planned to be located on the site of the current Woodlea Hub Sales Office at the corner of Aintree Boulevard and Bonniebrook Road. This childcare is expected to open 2025+ when the Woodlea display village concludes operating from this site.

There is a second Council Community Centre facility located to the north of Taylors road which may also include a kindergarten and childcare, this is will be delivered by Council and is expected in the medium to long term.

About Victoria Investments and Properties (VIP)

K.T. Lim, Chairman of Victoria Investments & Properties, acquired the Woodlea property 22 years ago with a vision to build the best master planned community in Melbourne. The property instilled the passion to plan and create a strategically located community that provides the infrastructure and housing diversity to its residents.
Victoria Investments and Properties has 30 years experience in and outside Australia and prides itself in offering points of difference in its residential and commercial developments.

VIP’s Board of Directors were also founding members of AXIS REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) listed on the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (KLSE). The AXIS REIT property portfolio includes offices, offices/industrial, warehousing/logistics, manufacturing facilities and supermarkets.
With excellent working relationships with strategic partners including local government, financial institutions, builders, consultants, VIP’s impressive portfolio and track record of delivering residential, commercial and retail developments will prove invaluable in delivering the vision for Woodlea.

About Mirvac
Mirvac is a leading integrated property group, listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (“ASX”) with activities across the investment and development spectrum. Established in 1972, Mirvac has more than 40 years of experience in the property industry and has an unmatched reputation for delivering quality products across all of its businesses.
Within the Australian residential market, Mirvac has a proven track record of delivering innovative and quality products that exceed customers’ expectations. Mirvac’s Development Division in Victoria is responsible for some of Australia’s leading residential projects including the Yarra’s Edge precinct at Docklands, The Melburnian and Harcrest in Wantirna South.

The Woodlands will be enhanced and maintained by Woodlea until they are handed across to Council. The existing wetlands and creek corridor will be beautified to maximise usability and amenity for residents and be integrated closely with the development and will include shared paths, vehicular and pedestrian crossings. The extent and scope of beautification is to be agreed with relevant authorities as these areas are set aside for conservation.

Not on website

The connection of the Class A Recycled Water supply to Woodlea is the responsibility of Greater Western Water, to provide the supply they are required to construct a trunk main which will be several kilometres in length. The timing for Greater Western Water to provide the recycled water supply to the area is currently under review. Greater Western Water have indicated a potential connection date in 2023 which is subject to Greater Western Water board approval.

Before Class A recycled water services commence Greater Western Water will contact residents to provide information about recycled water and updated water rates.

As the recycled water pipe is currently supplying drinking water, customers will be charged the usual tiered rate for drinking water usage. Greater Western Water will add the amount of water used through each meter, before calculating the water usage charge.

Residents in Woodlea will not be charged a service availability charge for Class A recycled water, until the recycled water supply is switched on. Only one set of drinking water availability charges will apply until Class A recycled water is available.

One meter tracks your drinking water usage and the other purple meter will track your recycled water usage.

The recycled water will be connected to homes for toilet flushing and for outdoor uses like watering gardens and washing cars.

Until the Class A recycled water supply is available drinking water will be supplied through both pipes.

Greater Western Water is the responsible authority for delivering recycled water supply. While Class A recycled water infrastructure is being installed throughout the Woodlea development, the supply of Class A recycled water to the site is not yet available. Until this occurs, Woodlea residents will receive drinking water through their Class A Recycled Water system until the recycled water supply is available and the cost of the water will then revert to Class A Recycled Water Rates.

Greater Wester Water is no longer funding the construction of the required infrastructure to provision for the supply of recycled water to new homes throughout Greater Western Water’s region.

Woodlea has agreed with Greater Western Water that all lots within Woodlea located South of Taylors Road (inclusive of stages 1 – 37 and the Town Centre Precinct) will be provided with a recycled water connection, while all lots within Woodlea located North of Taylors Road will have potable water only.

As required by Woodlea’s agreement with Western Water and the Woodlea Design Guidelines, for lots that are provided with a recycled water connection, builders must continue to incorporate a recycled water connection into house designs in order to achieve developer approval.

As part of preserving the acoustic amenity for residents, Woodlea has placed a restriction in the design guidelines that ensure homes with frontage to Leakes Road will require a minimum 6.76mm laminated glazing to front façade windows and secondary frontage for corner lots.

As part of preserving the acoustic amenity for residents, a noise attenuation wall along the Western Freeway will be designed and built in stages as the development front nears the freeway. The design of the wall will complement the urban design and architectural character of the estate. Construction of the wall is anticipated between 2023 and 2028.

Woodlea is a EnviroDevelopment accredited community, qualifying for the full 6 star leaf rating.

EnviroDevelopment is a scientifically-based assessment scheme that independently reviews development projects and awards certification to those that achieve outstanding performance across four or more of the provided elements – Ecosystems, Waste, Energy, Materials, Water and Community.

EnviroDevelopment serves to make it easier for purchasers to recognise and, thereby, select more environmentally sustainable developments and lifestyles.

A number of small contaminated sites have been identified across the site during the planning process and will be remediated to be suitable for sensitive residential use. A statement or certificate of environmental audit will be provided in the Vendor’s Statement.

Woodlea was originally considered part of the Rockbank township, in mid-2017 the Office of Geographic Names officially created new suburb names for the area as part of naming process initiated by Melton City Council. Under this process the area of Woodlea located South of the Kororoit Creek bound by the Western Freeway has become the suburb of Aintree while to the North of the creek is now known as Bonnie Brook.

During the early stages of the Woodlea development when there were low numbers of residents and there were few roads, Woodlea engaged a security contractor to undertake nightly patrols of the estate. Now Woodlea has a critical mass of thousands of residents, a much larger road network and greater connectivity to the surrounding community, these patrols are no longer practical. Woodlea encourages residents to report any safety concerns directly to Victoria Police.

The urban design incorporates passive surveillance and crime prevention principles and as part of our community development plan we will work with the community and local police to deter any crime and implement a development wide strategy. Residents will also be requested to ‘do their bit’ and make their homes safe through alarm systems.

The electrical authority, Powercor is responsible for the electrification of the lighting once approval has been issued by Powercor and Council to allow the road to open. Powercor’s typical time frames for electrification is 8-12 weeks from from when they consent to Statement of Compliance which is typically 2-4 weeks prior to title registration.

If you have purchased but not yet settled you can make enquiries with the Woodlea Sales team to have your crossover relocated. An administration fee and relocation cost will be applicable, please note that crossover relocations cannot always be accommodated due to engineering constraints.
If you have settled and would like to relocate your crossover, please direct your request to Melton City Council’s engineering department for their consideration.

Woodlea will ensure that your block is clear of any rubbish at time of settlement and it is encouraged that you inspect your block prior to settlement to ensure there is no rubbish. Post settlement, it is your responsibility to secure your block of land with temporary fencing to deter external dumping onto your lot. It is highly unlikely that Woodlea’s construction workers will dump rubbish on your block, however if you suspect that this has occurred, please advise the Woodlea Sales Team immediately. If it can be proven that a Woodlea construction worker was responsible, Woodlea will arrange to have the rubbish removed at its own cost.

Street numbering is allocated by Melton City Council, Woodlea will provide you with your allocated street number prior to Settlement. For any queries, please contact Melton City Council on (03) 9747 7200. Have your lot number and street name handy.

Woodlea uses clean fill that has been tested by a geotechnical and environmental consultant and has been classified as suitable material to achieve level one compaction. A clean fill certificate is provided to Woodlea by the civil contractor. A Site Classification Report will be provided by our Sales Team to you prior to settlement for guidance.

Site costs can vary depending on the type of soil, extent of engineered fill and slope on your block. The type of soil and slope determines how your house must be built. For example, the key reason for soil testing is to establish how likely it is that the soil will move, expand and contract with different levels of moisture content. Your builder will organise for their own engineer to conduct a soil test to establish the best type of foundation for your new home to suit the soil and slope (if any).

Woodlea engages a licensed surveyor from design through to construction to mark out the boundaries of each individual lot. Woodlea’s licensed surveyor is required to peg the allotments with the exact measurements of the lot sold to you. If there aren’t any pegs missing, but you still wish to confirm the size of your lot, we suggest you engage the services of your own surveyor, at your own cost, to do so. Ask your builder to assist with this process.

If you discover that pegs are missing prior to settlement, please contact the Woodlea sales team to arrange for re-pegging. After settlement, the block belongs to you and re-pegging will be at your cost.

Woodlea recommends that purchasers engage with their Builders well in advance of settlement as it is typically a 4 – 6 month process for the Builders to commence on site from the point a building contract is signed. Please refer to our e-Book which outlines a step by step guide to commence construction of your home.

Building can commence after settlement and as soon as your house plans have been approved by Woodlea’s Design Review Panel and you have the relevant building permit from Melton City Council or a private licensed building surveyor (both of which will be organised by your builder on your behalf).

Woodlea will provide regular construction updates via email communication and on the website. Woodlea sales consultants will also touch base with purchasers post sale to keep them abreast of construction activity and titles timeframes.

Construction must commence within 18 months of the settlement date. Once construction has commenced, the dwelling must be completed within 18 months.

The plan of subdivision will restrict the number of dwellings on a lot. Some corner lots will allow a maximum of two dwellings per lot and all other lots will only allow one dwelling per lot. Future subdivision will be subject to permit approval from Council and must comply with Woodlea’s design guidelines. Please note Council have minimum size requirements for any corner subdivision and we would recommend you seeking expert planning advice prior to purchasing.

Woodlea will notify when access is available for soil testing, this typically occurs at the time when the plan of subdivision is lodged for registration and typically 1 week prior to title release.

The developers of Woodlea will provide purchasers a site classification report upon settlement. This can be used by the homeowner to discuss appropriate slab design with their builder. The Builders provide long term structural guarantees for the homes built, typically a minimum of 25 years. Any concerns should be discussed directly with your Builder.

Site costs will vary from builder to builder, Woodlea encourages you to discuss site costs with your preferred builders during the purchase process to understand the potential costs involved. House and land pricing advertised by builders typically account for a suitable level of site costs for this location and Woodlea’s display builders have delivered many homes in the area. Woodlea will provide purchasers with site classification reports to ensure site costs can be reasonably negotiated with Builders. The Builders structural engineer will generally require their own independent soil test in order to design the slab.

An experienced and reputable Builder should be well aware of the geological conditions on the site and should plan accordingly to ensure minimisation of delays, if any, to the construction of your home.

Street widths have been pre-planned to have a hierarchy of roads based on traffic volumes and connectivity within the estate. There are no cul-de-sacs planned and all streets are in accordance with council requirements.

Under the Design Guidelines for Woodlea water tanks are encouraged however they are not mandatory.

In the design of your home, your builder is to ensure Category 6 cabling is installed, your home is fibre ready and space is provided for an internal cabinet. Refer to guidelines available on NBN Co’s website. All builders are well aware of the requirements to ensure fibre can be provided to your home.

NBN optic fibre is live at Woodlea and agreements are in place for supply of all stages sold and currently selling. NBN usually reticulates fibre on a per stage basis within 17 weeks after completion of civil construction, in readiness for first residents in a stage. Timing of reticulation and availability to connect remains subject to NBN Co control.

Gas supply is available at Woodlea and is ready for connection.

Woodlea will only deliver the standard choice of packages as set out in the contract of sale and landscape information pack and there are no variations to the packages. The purchaser can select from three different styles, two different tones and front yard trees. A purchaser may undertake their own modifications such as retaining walls or pavement treatments prior to or post the Woodlea package installation as long as they are in line with the guidelines and have been previously approved by DRP

You need to submit your Certificate of Occupancy to Woodlea to confirm that construction of your home has been completed, the DRP will inspect your home to confirm it is compliant with the Woodlea Design Guidelines and approve your home for landscaping. Once approved by the DRP you will be eligible to request installation of the landscaping by Woodlea’s selected contractor. The landscaping will typically be delivered within 10 weeks once Woodlea is notified by the DRP that your home is compliant.

Purchasers are able to pick from three garden palettes; Classic, Contemporary or Woodland. The inclusions are dependent on lot size, lot frontage and configuration of dwelling. Refer to the landscape information pack and e-Book for inclusions.

No. However there may be some areas where front fences will be applicable, most likely in areas where townhouses will be constructed.

Pursuant to your contract of sale, you will have to pay the full cost of any fencing that shares a boundary with land owned by Woodlea and costs will not be recoverable from Woodlea.

You and your neighbour have equal cost responsibility for the dividing fence on your block. If you have purchased a corner block, you are solely responsible for the cost of the fence that faces the road – shared costs with neighbours only applies to common boundary fencing. To find out your neighbour’s details to arrange fencing, contact the Melton City Council.

Prior to building works, your builder will erect temporary fencing to deter unauthorised people entering the site and to prevent litter impacting the community and Woodlea’s protected environmental assets. If you have yet to engage a Builder, we strongly encourage you to organise temporary fencing for your block or you may risk having materials illegally dumped onto your site requiring removal at your own cost.

You don’t need to have permanent fencing before construction commences. Prior to building works, your builder will erect temporary fencing to deter unauthorised people.

You will be required to install the fencing at your own cost. The fence type is a 1.8m timber paling and timber post fence that is set back 1m from the front facade. Corner lots require a lapped and capped fence, 1.8m high and set back 4m from the front facade. Details of the fencing requirements are included within the Design Guidelines.

There are some lots within Woodlea that have been nominated to include feature fencing treatments. If a feature fencing treatment has been nominated, Woodlea will make contact with the purchaser to facilitate the installation.

The display village features 14 of Melbourne’s Premier builders, showcasing 34 of the latest in new home designs. The builders featured are JG King Homes, Boutique Homes, Homebuyers Centre, Dennis Family Homes, Carlisle Homes, Burbank, Mimosa Homes, Porter Davis, Simonds, Metricon, Eight Homes, Urban Edge Homes, Long Island Homes and Sherridon Homes

It is important that plans are resubmitted and approved by the Woodlea DRP prior to construction commencing. If your completed dwelling differs from your approved plans, the Woodlea DRP will issue you with a non-compliance notice and you will lose your eligibility for your complimentary front landscaping package. If the non-compliance is not rectified, the matter will be subject to further legal action from Woodlea. Woodlea strongly encourages you to ensure your building is constructed as per your approved plans as rectification works may be very costly.

Refer to the design guidelines for what’s required to be submitted. Please ensure your Builder or Architect includes compliant architectural plans for submission as well as the required landscape items including driveway, fencing, letterbox and paths.

Your builder will generally manage this process on your behalf. In the event that changes may be required to your plans, your builder will work in conjunction with you and the Design Review Panel to achieve a positive outcome for both parties.

Yes, you can submit your plans to the DRP prior to settlement. Dependent on the current volume of applications being received plans will generally be assessed and responded to within 10 business days from receipt of your application. Your sales expert will be able to assist with minor queries relating to the design guidelines and approval process. For more technical queries, please email [email protected]. Email queries will generally be responded to within 3 business days.

Generally your builder will manage this process on your behalf. They are required to submit conforming plans and associated documentation to the Design Review Panel.

Homes on corner lots should address the corner by having an articulated facade on the secondary frontage. Refer to design guidelines for further information.

Woodlea will pay the community infrastructure levy, ranging to $900 – $1,150, on behalf of residents as a goodwill gesture and look to negotiate with Council on upfront delivery of key community infrastructure funded by this levy.

Certain lots as nominated within 60m of the Conservation Areas cannot have the BAL rating lifted. A restriction on the plan of subdivision has been placed on affected lots that dwellings must be constructed to a minimum of 12.5 or 19 BAL standard. Depending on building permit reviews, the BAL rating may be higher than the minimums stated. The price difference between a BAL-LOW and a BAL 12.5 or BAL 19 compliant home is approximately $4k – $8k. These lots are clearly identified during the land sales process.

The Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) indicates the construction requirements for building within a Bushfire Prone Area. A BAL Report is required to determine the BAL rating for a property located within the Bushfire Prone Area and informs the requirements for construction, such as upgrading of window frames, openings and sarking to your roof.

Woodlea regularly makes submissions to Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) to progressively reduce the BAL rating from 12.5 to BAL-LOW (i.e. no additional construction costs) by excising the stages from the Bushfire Prone Area (BPA). This process usually takes 6-8 months from application. Purchasers will be notified if and when the BAL overlay has been removed from their respective lot.

Yes. Typically all lots sold at Woodlea have a 12.5 Bushfire Attack Level which is similar to all new development areas in the west of Melbourne. This BAL Rating generally equates to about $4k-8k of additional cost when compared to the BAL Low Rating.

Visiting of blocks is strictly prohibited during construction and any trespassing will be reported to local police. Upon registration of titles for your stage, the Woodlea Sales Team will provide confirmation that you can inspect your lot prior to settlement.

The masterplan for Woodlea currently doesn’t provide for a community pool.

As part of Woodlea’s community development plan Woodlea’s Community Team has been working with the community to set up local sporting and community groups in the area. Through the support of Woodlea, Grass Roots Placemakers and Melton City Council a not for profit company called ‘We Love Aintree’ has worked with the community to help set up a number of sporting and community groups. We Love Aintree have a list of current Community Groups and Programs listed on their website – https://www.weloveaintree.org/

There is no plan at this stage. Victoria Police/Ambulance Victoria/CFA are the authorities that will determine if there is a need.

Home Co. Woodlea Town includes a pharmacy and general practitioner. We also anticipate that the Major Town Centre will include medical facilities.

Melton City Council provide maternal child health service at the Timbertop Children’s & Community Centre.

There is a second Council Community Centre facility located to the north of Taylors road which may also include maternal child health services, this is will be delivered by Council and is expected in the medium to long term.

The majority of the land zoned for the major town centre is not owned by Woodlea. The timing of the delivery of the major town centre will be determined by the adjoining developer and subject to there being sufficient population in the area to provide a catchment for the additional services which are constructed. The approved planning scheme requires amenities similar to a sub-regional shopping centre – a range of services and uses such as retails, commercial, office, residential, civic, education and health.

The Town Centre officially opened in March 2021 and is now known as Home Co. Woodlea Town. The Town Centre is a $45 million destinational precinct featuring a town park, specialty retailers such as a fresh food grocer, Indian supermarket, 24-hour gym, lotto and news, a beauty and nail salon, and extensive eatery options including a café, pizza, Indian restaurant and a large family restaurant/function space. Additionally the health precinct will encompass a medical centre with pathology services, pharmacy, dentist and physiotherapy.

Melton City Council are planning to include a library kiosk in the Timbertop Children’s & Community Centre, residents will be able order books from the Caroline Springs or Melton Library’s which Council will deliver to the Centre for pick up.

A library and community centre is also planned in the northern portion of the site adjacent to the Major Town Centre and will be funded as part of Woodlea’s Developer Contributions and built by Melton City Council

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