Deepthi Peesapati
Humans of Woodlea

Deepthi Peesapati

From Engineer to Personal Trainer

Deepthi Peesapati dramatically altered her career path to suit her lifestyle; it wasn’t an easy ride, but her story is testament to her ability not just to adapt, but to thrive, and help others do so too.


With seven years’ experience as a construction engineer in India, things changed drastically for Deepti; in 2015 she, along with her husband Ajay and their daughter Varnika moved to Australia. The couple’s love affair with Australia started during a surprise vacation to celebrate their first wedding anniversary and it was then that the couple succumbed to the beauty of the land down under, ultimately making the move in pursuit of a prosperous upbringing for their children in Melbourne.

Finding a job in the construction and engineering industry that allowed her to continue looking after her daughter was tough, so when Deepti and Ajay fell pregnant with their second child, son Nehanth, Deepti took it as a sign that she needed a break from the construction industry to raise her children. 


A big change in itself, it was Deepti’s journey to motherhood that ignited her desire to pursue a career in the fitness industry – she didn’t waste any time in enrolling in a Cert 3 for Personal Training and Fitness Coaching. 

“I wanted to be with the kids. I didn’t want to go back to a nine-to-five job in construction with Varnika and Nehanth being so young, so I decided to pursue a career in fitness. This gave me an opportunity to help other people too.” 

Undeterred by the challenge of COVID lockdowns, Deepti instead embraced the new digital landscape of human connection.


“I started posting different types of free fitness challenges on Instagram which were specifically home-based with no equipment needed. I wanted to ensure it was easy for people who were stuck at home to take care of their health.”


The feedback was glowing, the growth was rapid and the model was a success. Enter the new fitness business: NEVA Fitness. Within one year, NEVA Fitness grew to be  a world wide success.


“I had clients from Singapore, USA, Australia and a client from India. During the lockdown, I started setting up my garage gym as well so that when the country opened up I could start running one on one personal training,” Deepti recounts. 


It’s Deepti’s positive mindset toward fitness that resonates with her clients, providing a well-rounded approach to exercise and diet to achieve their goals. Whilst 95% of Deepti’s clients are seeking to lose weight, Deepti ensures that she is supporting her clients in making sustainable, long-term lifestyle changes.  

“One thing that I’m truly proud of is when I share transformation photos on my Instagram, because I know that my clients have not just improved their physical state, but their mental state, too. I have seen my clients become really mentally strong and their perspective of life change.”


Loving the new career path and the positivity it brings to her and those she works with, Deepti is taking her journey further – she’s studying to become a nutritionist, to enhance her business offering and add more value to her clients.


“I’m so excited to be able to create bespoke diets for each client, being mindful of their culture and tastes,” she muses.

The dramatic change in career has very much paid off, and Deepti is happy to be living and raising her family in Australia.


“Australia is a lovely place with a lot of opportunities and cultural diversity. My kids love it here – it really is the right place for us.”


Deepthi’s story is part of Humans of Woodlea, an initiative by the fully-integrated, master planned community as a means of highlighting the unique stories of its residents whilst showing its diversity and spirit.