Humans of Woodlea - David & Tess Copeland
Humans of Woodlea

Humans of Woodlea - David & Tess Copeland

David & Tess' green thumb gardening and community pride

Nestled within our Woodlea community are proud gardeners, David and Tess. Through their passion, care and dedication, these green thumbs are one of many who keep the fun community gardening spirit alive at Woodlea.

“We recently entered Woodlea’s Front Garden competition because we loved our garden and wanted to showcase what we could do – we knew we could be an example for others”

Beginning a new season in Woodlea

David and Tess moved to Woodlea in December 2021, drawn by it’s master-planned design and the strong sense of community spiritthey felt from the moment they arrived. 

David has lived many places, but to him, Woodlea has felt like the perfect place to call home, with his two daughters also residing in Woodlea.

“Woodlea gave us a chance to establish our family, and we love it here.” 

Passion for Gardening 

“I’ve experimented over the years with gardening, Tess is the brains behind it all and I’m the brawn.” 

Coming from an Indonesian background, Tess understands the complexity of gardening in different climates, and what’s required for different seasons. 

But what goes into maintaining a pristine garden besides meticulous watering, weeding and planting? The key is patience and continuous care. 

Tess also mentions that in-depth research and engaging people to help with the design plan has been a driving force behind their success in the garden.

“Woodlea offers free front garden landscaping, and after taking that up, it helped tremendously as it laid the foundation for our success – we just built on that. We want those who pass by to be inspired to create something as beautiful as we have, and think, yes, I really want to be a part of this community!”

Their garden is a medium that they hoped would inspire others to be part of the Woodlea community. And that’s exactly what happened. 

“When we became a finalist for Woodlea’s Front Garden competition, we were ecstatic! What we have done with our front garden and the way we take pride in it – we’ve been recognised ,and that’s really encouraging.”

David & Tess’ story is part of Humans of Woodlea, an initiative which aims to highlight the unique stories of its residents whilst showing its diversity and spirit.