Arshpreet & Darlene
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Arshpreet & Darlene

Girl power! Ashpree and Darlene on a shared love for soccer

Wise beyond their years, with youthful energy and charisma, Ashpreet and Darlene are forces to be reckoned with. Fiercely confident and loyal to the bone, these two young women demonstrate strength and passion for soccer that overrides the gender stereotypes young women face.


Aged 11 and 12, Ashpree and Darlene met at school where they found their shared love for soccer and formed a strong friendship. While soccer allowed them to bond initially, their involvement in Aintree Soccer Club has bolstered their loyal friendship, anchored on supporting each other’s growth and success.


“I love soccer because I have made amazing friends here that have become family, a team and support. I love that soccer isn’t always about yourself, it’s about everyone working together as a team. My favourite thing about soccer is the thrill, the fun and the suspense about the result,” says Ashpree, a midfielder and striker.


Ashpree has had a successful season which included kicking her first goal and although a first goal was imminent, Ashpree’s face lit up when she spoke of being able to celebrate it with her teammates.

“Me and Darlene have a special celebration, it’s a handshake we made a while ago. We do it every time a goal is scored from our team but it was extra special to do it when I scored my first goal,” said Ashpree.

Starting around the same time, Darlene started playing soccer with her older brother Daniel. The two of them would play outside after school, with Darlene being the goalkeeper whilst her brother practised for his games. It was when Darlene’s mother gave her a push in the right direction, offering to take her to soccer practice too, that Darlene became motivated to play.

“I really wanted to become a good soccer player because professional players always look like they’re having so much fun while everyone watches along. I want to become as good as Namor or Alex Morgan,” Darlene said.


The two girls show unwavering dedication to their team, training twice a week and playing every Sunday. With an all-star coach, Minero, that pushes them along the way, Ashpree and Darlenes’ thrill for soccer has never faded.


Despite being in a wonderful team environment, there are only four girls on the team and Ashpree and Darlene are driven to make soccer a more inclusive sport for young girls. Although they love playing with the boys, Ashpree loves when they have the chance to play with just girls.

“A highlight of the season was when we played in a girls three vs three competition. It was really fun, we really tested ourselves and gave it a good go,” said Ashpree.


“I really want to become a good soccer player and inspire other young girls. Other girls should join too, it doesn’t matter about your height or skill, it’s just important to give it a go,” Ashpree said.

“There is nothing girls can’t do. Soccer is a great sport for everyone and girls shouldn’t have to miss out,” Darlene said.


Ashpree and Darlene’s story is part of Humans of Woodlea, an initiative by the fully-integrated, master-planned community as a means of highlighting the unique stories of its residents whilst showing its diversity and spirit.