Scammer alert


28th October 2021


It’s been brought to our attention that individuals are being contacted by scammers to guarantee a specific block for an additional fee in our upcoming Woodlea release. These messages are not being sent by Woodlea and we advise you to never pass your details or make payments to someone requesting information or offering this service on behalf of Woodlea.

The process to secure a block at Woodlea has not changed and the following steps apply to be as fair as possible for all customers:

  • We do not guarantee blocks to customers;
  • all blocks sold at Woodlea are, and always have been, on a first come basis via registrations through our Home Buyer Hub.
  • Successful ticket holders will be contacted by a Woodlea representative on the day of release and invited to purchase in order of position in the queue.
  • Successful customers will be asked to pay a 10% deposit on the price of their chosen block and payment must be made via EFTPOS (credit, cheque or savings account) on release day. We do not accept cash payments.

We encourage customers to seek legal advice prior to any Woodlea purchase and conduct a formal review of contracts before proceeding to make payment within these terms.

If you see or receive anything unusual or of this nature, please notify our team immediately on 1300 966 353.