Builder Release Conditions

Builder Release Conditions

Woodlea’s Builder Release Conditions


  • Create & send through all packages to [email protected]
  • Packages will be reviewed for compliance (which will take a few days)
  • Once packages are approved please provide as a PDF, for display at the Woodlea Hub
  • An unconditional land contract must be signed by the purchaser, nominated by the builder within 7 days of the lot being placed on hold
  • This can be done in person or electronically
  • This contract will be subject to a 3 day cooling-off period
  • Homes must comply with the Woodlea Design Guidelinesand must be approved by the Woodlea Design Review Panel prior to the promotion
  • Package prices must be fixed for 12 months
  • Builders will be required to obtain a deposit from the customer which will then be provided to the Woodlea Team as proof of purchase
  • There are no limits to the number of packages put on any one lot
  • There are no limits to the number of packages each builder can create


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