Anonymous Halloween treats for your neighbours

Anonymous Halloween treats for your neighbours

We love Halloween in Woodlea & although things might be a little different this year, we have found a safe and easy way you can keep the spooky spirit alive in your neighbourhood!


“BOO-ing,” a new way to celebrate Halloween with minimum physical contact and maximum fun! It can be a safe, “pay-it-forward” initiative to surprise your neighbours and spread the Halloween joy with a frightfully fun treat.


What is Boo-ing?
Also known as Ghosting or being Boo’d, to “boo” someone means to leave an anonymous Halloween surprise at their door in the days leading up to Halloween or on the day itself.


How to make a Halloween Boo bucket?
Creating a Boo bucket for Halloween is very simple. All you need is the following:

  • A Halloween-themed Boo bucket, like a plastic pumpkin bucket (Get creative and decorate a plain bucket or box with spooky stickers! You could even have a painting session & decorate your container with spooky prints, a creepy white cobweb or experiment with spooky Halloween-themed stamps)
  • Boo-ing instructions. Download yours for free below!
  • You’ll also need a variety of Halloween-themed treats to include in your Boo bucket, such as:
    • Individually-wrapped candies
    • Wrapped chocolate bars
    • Glow sticks
    • Slime
    • Halloween stickers
    • A cute Halloween-themed mug
    • Bubbles
    • Bouncy balls


How does Boo-ing work?
The Boo-ing treat usually consists of a Halloween-themed bucket filled with treats like lollies and fun games.

  1. Start by creating a Boo bucket. Once you have everything you need, arrange your items in the Boo bucket, making sure that the Boo-ing instructions are clearly visible. You can then leave your bucket at a friendly neighbour’s front doorstep along with a note proclaiming “You’ve been Boo’d!”
  2. When you leave the Boo bucket, ring your neighbour’s doorbell and quickly run and hide! If you’re really sneaky, you can hide nearby and watch your neighbours find the bucket. To really make things interesting, you can “boo” multiple neighbours.
  3. Then, if they like, to continue the Boo-ing, the receiver can create their own Boo bucket, and “boo” someone else in the neighbourhood, continuing the cycle.

Get started by downloading our Boo-ing instructions HERE.


Thanks Watergarden for the inspo.



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