Celebrating Aintree Scout Centre Opening

Celebrating Aintree Scout Centre Opening

Celebrating Aintree Scout Centre opening

We’re celebrating the opening of a dedicated Scout Centre, following the newly completed building by Scouts Victoria, in our thriving estate. The eager & established group of Aintree Scouts have moved in and are ready to  take their adventures to the next level! 

Aintree Scout Group

Located: 15 Elmhurst Avenue

Scout Group Established: 2021 

The new Scout Centre includes a Scout leaders room, meeting room, store rooms, kitchen and accessible amenities.

The Aintree Scout Group was established in 2021 and currently operates from Bacchus Marsh Grammar Primary School. With more than 17,000 youth members and 5,000 adult volunteers in Victoria alone, Scouts Victoria registration numbers are booming. The facility will be the perfect place to prepare patrons for a constructive and active life ahead. 

Lifelong Skills

The new centre will not only be of benefit to the Scouts, but to the entire Woodlea community, as it will be available for hire by community groups, businesses and for private functions too. 

Scouting helps youths develop academic skills, self-confidence, ethics and leadership skills that influence their adult lives.

“Scouts and their facilities contribute to the social fabric of communities, which is what we strive to build at Woodlea. We’re pleased to be able to offer a site that will provide Scouts Victoria with the modern facilities they deserve.”

Woodlea Project Director, Matthew Dean