Littlewood Pop Kitchen - Spanish Week Recap

Littlewood Pop Kitchen - Spanish Week Recap

Our first pop-up dining adventure was a flavourful success! Both our sessions sold out – filling the festive space (and our local residents’ tummies) to the brim. 

If you missed out on last week’s deliciousness, don’t worry! Our program keeps on giving – check out Littlewood Pop Kitchen’s next big event, just around the corner! 



Embarking on a Trip to Spain

With live Spanish music adding ambience to a casual candlelit dinner, our lucky foodies embarked on a trip to Spain for one night, celebrating with a plate of paella. They were also treated to a glass of refreshing sangria, plus a cheeky dessert of churros with decadent chocolate sauce on the side. 

The next day we had our friend Sam from the CoffeeMill serving up mouth-watering Spanish-inspired delicacies, hot chocolates & barista-made coffees to go which were quickly snapped up by our local residents before 11am! 

Littlewood Pop Kitchen’s purpose

In taking our community on a trip across the globe, our purpose goes beyond just providing tasty food.

From Spanish Night to Easter crafts, Bakery Week to all things Italy and more, we are committed to creating unique experiences by sharing cultural cuisines and bringing our thriving community of 14,000 residents (and counting) together! 

Explore true local community by joining our culinary journey, along with all foodies of the West!

Littlewood Pop Kitchen’s purpose

More events will be released each week! Keep an eye out for the next BIG announcement