Nathan Brama
Humans of Woodlea

Nathan Brama

Teamwork makes the dreamwork

What was once a rough paddock with a simple tin shed as a clubroom, the Albanvale Football Club holds a special place in Nathan Brama’s heart.


Located 18km west of Melbourne in the suburb of Deer Park, Nathan spent 14 years of his life running across the oval that is now home to the Cobras. It was here that he made lifelong friends and learnt the importance of working as a team; an experience that shaped who he is today and one that he wants his children to experience, too.

Nathan’s love affair with the sport began when he was just five years old when his parents enrolled him in Vickick, now known as Auskick. Fast becoming passionate about AFL, Nathan joined Albanvale Football Club at the age of seven and continued to play there until the age of 20 years old. 


“Growing up I played nearly every sport, from cricket for a large period of time to indoor soccer, basketball and tennis, but it was AFL I was most involved in. I still have friends who I played football with at the age of five and six years old and once or twice a year, I’ll still visit the club and catch up with people.”

Due to the impact football had on him growing up, Nathan has taken on the role of Aintree Auskick Coordinator in an effort to create the same opportunity for his children and their generation within Woodlea.


Nathan and his wife Bianca’s eldest son, Charlie, is six years old and participates in Auskick and although their two younger twins William and Sofia, aged three, are too young to join the program, they love to run around and help out, while Bianca helps out with coffee in the mornings.

“Being outdoors and active is a really strong family value for myself and Bianca. Our kids love being outside. Auskick provides a great opportunity for kids to get out and about, socialise with other kids and be away from their iPads.” 


Outside of his role as a father and Auskick coordinator, Nathan is a high-net-worth banker, having worked his way up in the banking industry over the past 13 years. By utilising the skills he has learnt through his corporate career, Nathan is keen to grow the Auskick program and Football Club in Aintree by networking with local businesses and key stakeholders.

“I want to give the same opportunities to kids that I had. No one is paid to run Auskick, the program relies on volunteers. Although it takes a lot of time and work, with support from Bianca and other parents, it is certainly rewarding to see the kids enjoying themselves and learning.”


Nathan is currently working on getting the football club up and running by next year. “I have been doing a lot of work with the council, Western Region Football League and AFL Victoria to ensure we are ready. We have 23 children eligible for under 9s next year; I really want the opportunity to play to be there for those in Aintree.”


Nathan and his family recently moved into their dream home 12 months ago where they hope to stay for the next 15 to 20 years, making many cherished memories along the way.


Nathan’s story is part of Humans of Woodlea, an initiative by the fully integrated master planned community as a means of highlighting the unique stories of its residents whilst showing its diversity and spirit.