Garden owners work tirelessly to get rid of insects and pests from their gardens, usually purchasing insect sprays and poisonous baits to ensure their garden remains free from any activity. But by getting rid of these insects, we are subsequently stripping away our garden’s natural methods that help it to prosper and grow beautifully. 

In partnership with Eat Grow Garden, we will be sharing some helpful tips and reasons why biodiversity is the key to a successful garden.

Natural Pest Control

Biodiversity is key in ensuring your garden remains in a healthy condition as it helps to support populations of wildlife such as birds, insects and reptiles. These insects and birds can be beneficial and a natural pest control, as opposed to using toxic chemicals – such as pesticides and baits – as these can damage your plants and flowers in the long run. 

Recent research found that pesticides can negatively affect the physiology of plants as the toxins disrupt the crucial process of photosynthesis. It also found  that the usage of pesticides substantially decreases the growth and developments of plants by 54%. So rather than purchasing bug spray, first consider whether your garden is a thriving ecosystem that attracts different insects and birds.

Planting Flowers

Flowering plants and shrubs play a significant role in attracting bees and butterflies into your garden. Bees and other beneficial insects not only provide natural control of pests, but will also help to pollinate your fruit-growing plants and vegetables. Flowers consisting of a wide variation of characteristics such as plant height, size, and floral density have shown to increase the attractiveness to bees by 22.1% compared to regular trees and shrubs. By planting colourful flowering plants, you are doing your part in creating spaces that attract insects, birds, and reptiles to live in your garden. Thus, the overall health of your garden will flourish thanks to the biodiversity.

Decorate With Different Materials

Decorating your home garden with a variety of materials is more useful than you think. Pieces of timber can create safe spaces for hoverflies and native bees to live in. Not only do these materials provide homes for insects, they can enhance the aesthetic of your garden’s  overall appearance.


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