Hidden costs when buying and building new

Hidden costs when buying and building new

Building your dream home is at the top of the bucket list for many Australians and the process should be a fun and exciting one! Outlined below are the top hidden costs that you should consider when planning your build to ensure you stay on budget.

Rear Landscaping

A beautiful home needs a beautiful backyard. However, the quote from your builder often just includes the house and at Woodlea, front landscaping. Therefore, it is important to consider the costs of rear landscaping when planning your budget.

Electrical Provisions

Before signing the contract with your builder, make sure it includes the exact amount of lights and powerpoints you want in each room. Since builders often quote electrical provisions for the bare minimum, it’s important you establish your expectations early on.

Variations (changing your mind once the build has commenced)

The most expensive time to make changes is once construction has started. The variations bill at the end of your build can be very large so to avoid this, ensure you go into your build with a clear vision in mind because changing your mind once the contract is signed does not come cheaply.

New Home expenses

Once your home is built you need to make it liveable and practical. Don’t forget about the cost of setting up your kitchen, laundry or even furnishing your windows.



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