Connecting with your community through gardening

Connecting with your community through gardening

We’re excited to have teamed up with Eat Grow Garden to share some gardening and landscaping tips as part of our Front Garden Competition!

We encourage you to use gardening as a way to connect and bond with your neighbours. Here are some simple ways how!


Mow your neighbour's lawns

One of the best things about gardening in your front yard is getting to see and meet your neighbours as you do it. 


When you set aside time in your week to maintain your lawns, why not head next door to help your neighbours out as well? It’s a nice thing to do and will certainly make their day.

Gifting Seedlings

Are you a more advanced gardener who enjoys repotting plants and seedlings? 


Small acts of kindness go a long way. Next time, pot a few extra and deliver as gifts to your neighbours.

Share the veggie patch

Creating neighbourliness through gardening isn’t just reserved for the front yard.


For those of you with a veggie garden, next time there is an overflow we encourage you to deliver some fresh produce to your neighbours (to avoid it going to waste).


Next time you are working on your garden, keep in mind your neighbours and how you can help them too! 


By getting to know your neighbours, whether it’s through gardening or other ways, community spirit is created! Who knows, you might even team up in our Front Garden Competition!