Honouring those who have served our country

Honouring those who have served our country

Reflecting the spirit of the famous Avenues of Honour in Melbourne’s west, Aintree’s Walk of Honour is now complete!

The Walk showcases over 180 trees and almost 150 individual plaques commemorating the selfless men and women who have served and sacrificed and those who continue to serve for our country.


After four years of construction, the final lengths of the Walk of Honour have been extended to lead directly into Woodlea’s new Town park, located within Woodlea Town.


Spanning over 600 metres in length, an eternal flame and reflecting pond mark the conclusion of the walk, with the flame symbolising the community’s perpetual gratitude towards, and remembrance of, those who have given their lives and continue to make sacrifices in war.

The pond, which has the Anzac Creed inscribed in stone, offers a tranquil place of reflection and a gathering space for events.


Located on a site with compelling military significance; once the American army’s eyes and ears for conflicts that were happening in the pacific region area in WWII, the Walk of Honour and Eternal Flame will provide ongoing education of Australia’s war history and symbolises the courage, sacrifice, service and mateship in a way that speaks to present and future generations.

Taking place on Sunday 18 April, the local and surrounding community will come together for the dedication of the Reflection Pond, and the completion of the Walk Of Honour.


For more information, please visit the official Aintree Walk of Honour website or to learn more about the event, visit Facebook event HERE.