A healthy community is a safe & secure one!
15 JUL, 2020

A healthy community is a safe & secure one!

As Melbourne’s Western growth corridor continues to flourish, Woodlea is proud to announce a new partnership with Neighbourhood Watch as part of its ‘Building Community Together’ program.

For 37 years, Neighbourhood Watch has been helping residents look out for one another, make connections and build safer communities as they believe connected communities deliver better well being and health benefits for residents and provide a sense of being safe and secure.


Typically, Neighbourhood Watch programs are rolled out once a suburb is reasonably established but the new ‘Building Community Together’ program is focused on new communities, like Woodlea, to build a sense of well being and connectedness amongst residents and to empower community members with the knowledge and tools to continue the program independently, long after the project is completed.


Woodlea is pleased to be one of only 12 Australian developers to partner with Neighbourhood Watch on the new program and will be the first in Victoria to roll it out, which is an achievement in itself!


Through the program, we hope to establish a Community Group who will have an in-depth understanding of Neighbourhood Watch and can educate and empower other residents to build a connected community.

In order to create this group and ensure it is prepped for long-term success, it is important we support residents with the tools and knowledge, which is why we have committed to contributing funds over a two-year period to go towards educational resources, as well as regular seminars with the CEO of Neighbourhood Watch.


Aintree currently has the lowest crime rate of all neighbouring suburbs and it is important it stays this way, but we can’t achieve this on our own and rely on community involvement to foster a safe and inclusive environment.


If you would like to learn more about the program and how you can get involved, please email our Community development Manager Claire at [email protected]