That 'back-to-school' feeling
28 JAN, 2020

That 'back-to-school' feeling

Nearly one million students returned to school across Victoria as Term 1 commenced earlier this week. Whether you’re a new prep parent or a seasoned veteran, we’ve got your back-to-school survival guide sorted.

Routine, routine, routine!

After a long summer break, it’s always tough when it comes to picking up and maintaining a proper routine across the whole school year. It can be a minefield to ensure your kids are getting everything they need for a positive and productive four terms. However, there are many ways to introduce and maintain a sense of normality and importantly, reduce stress for everyone.


Set a time for bedtime

Nighttime routines tend to go out the window over the summer holidays when kids are allowed wreak all sorts of havoc. If you still have kids complaining about a strict bedtime, it’s important to remind them that getting enough sleep means they’ll have the energy they need for the following day.


Generally, a structured routine should be approached slowly and patiently. With the school year off to a start, if your kids are struggling to adjust, reducing the night time TV or device habits, limit sugar intake and ensure dinner is back to a scheduled time.

Happiness is a meal-prepped fridge

Meal planning is essential when little ones are at school by ensuring they have a well-balanced diet for good grades and energy in the playground. Educating your kids about healthy food is a great way to get them excited about what’s going in their tummies and in turn, make it easier to stick to a routine.


If you can, have breakfast and lunch boxes ready the night before. This makes the morning easier particularly if you’re having a hard time getting the kids out of bed.


Check out Coles’ quick, easy and delicious recipes to inspire your family’s back-to-school menu HERE


Avoid the “school” lurgy

Stay on top of the school plague including the dreaded common cold, stomach bugs, and other yuckies. As a parent there’s not much you can do to prevent your little ones from being exposed to germs on a daily basis, however, to mitigate risk of illness you can try improving immunity for yourself and your kids by taking a daily multivitamin or vitamin C tablet.


New year, new uniform

Growth spurts, ever-changing fashion trends, and general wear and tear — the new school year may call for a wardrobe overhaul or a new uniform. It’s a great idea to schedule some time every two to three months to inventory your kid’s wardrobe. Toss or donate items they’ve outgrown, are too worn or that they no longer wear. New year, new school wardrobe!


Wishing students a very happy first week of the 2020 school year we hope you learn, grow and achieve all you set out to do this year.