Construction updates

Construction updates

Keep up-to-date with the latest construction milestones at each stage of development.

May 2020

We are currently constructing 316 lots across four stages in both Aintree and Bonniebrook (North of Kororoit Creek). 172 lots have been completed over the past month within stages 35 & 36 as well as stage 40, which is not too far behind & on schedule to settle this month.  Last month was a big one for us as we saw 186 lots settle across stages 31, 34, 35, 36, 38 & 39! With well over 5,300 residents now calling Woodlea home & another 360+ homes currently under construction, we’re proud to be delivery on our promises & creating a leading master planned community.

We have seen huge progress across many of our key milestone projects including the Woodlea Town Centre, Taylors Road Extension & Rockbank Train Station shared path – all of which will be complete by the end of the year. The Public Primary School is also starting to take shape with the principal & enrolements expected to be announced in Term 3.

  • Phase 1: authority approvals

    Obtaining approval from Council and other service authorities for the detailed engineering plans.

  • Phase 2: earthworks

    Construction of earth works. This involves cutting and filling in order to achieve suitable surface levels.

  • Phase 3: sewer & drainage

    Construction of sewer and drainage services.

  • Phase 4: water, gas & road excavation

    Construction of initial road works and installation of water and gas services.

  • Phase 5: electrical & telecommunications

    Construction of road kerbs and installation of electrical and telecommunication services.

  • Phase 6: road pavements & concreting

    Finalisation of road construction and the installation of footpaths, crossover and top soil.

  • Phase 7: compliance inspections

    Inspections and signoffs by Council and relevant service authorities to achieve Statement of Compliance.

  • Phase 8: title registration

    Registration of lots with Land Titles Office. Certificates of Title are issued for each individual lot followed by Settlement of lots within 14 days.

Stages 02-09

  • Titled & settled
  • Titled & settled
  • Titled & settled
  • Titled & settled

Stage 40

  • Phase 7: Compliance & inspections
  • Expected titles May 2020

Stage 41

  • Phase 4: Water, gas & road excavation
  • Expected titles October 2020

Stage 42

  • Phase 3: Sewer & drainage
  • Expected titles February 2021

Stage 43

  • Phase 2: Earthworks
  • Expected titles April 2021

Taylors Rd Phase 1

  • Open to public

Taylors Road Phase 2

  • Open to public

Taylors Road Phase 3

  • Now under construction
  • Expected completion final quarter of 2020

Woodlea Town Centre

  • Concrete footings installation is nearing completion & precast panel installation has commenced

* The title date estimates provided are based on current information regarding the design, construction and authority approvals timeframes for that particular stage. Woodlea uses this information to provide a best estimate of the month which titles will be achieved however this is subject to change and is often influenced by factors which are often outside of Woodlea’s control such as weather, contractor delays and authority inspections. We reiterate that the title dates provided are an estimate only and are subject to change.

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