Will & Jack

Will & Jack

Bean Smuggler, Point Cook

"It's constantly growing, but that everyone knows everyone small town feel stays true - I guess that's unique to where we are"

Jack & Will's story

Jack was born in Korea, and moved to Australia on his own when he was about 20. First to Adelaide, working at a 2 hatted restaurant there, before moving to Melbourne. He first moved to the city, before finding himself in Point Cook. To him, Point Cook, and more broadly the West, has a strong community vibe where everyone sort of feels like neighbours – it feels young and up and coming and everyone helps each other out.

He started his cafe Bean Smuggler in Point Cook, and are expanding to have multiple cafes in the West. Beansmuggler is a small cafe that’s simple – exceptional speciality coffee, and tasty, left-of-field food that set them apart and places them a cut above many of the other
same old same old brunch offerings in Melbourne.

He runs the cafe with Will (front/coffee) and Tom (cook) who have also grown up in the West and are passionate about this part of Melbourne.

The cafe brings people together, and although it’s a business, the best part is it creates a place the community is proud of. They believe the West is exciting because there is an opportunity to push the level of hospitality way up – with so much room to improve and new communities to reach.

Bean Smuggler

Bean Smuggler

Creative Fine Brunch

Mon - Friday - 7:00am - 4:00pm

Sat & Sun - 8:00am - 4:00pm

Ph: 03 9395.1212 W: https://beansmuggler.com.au/
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Do you have a story to tell?

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