Terms & conditions


Woodlea Referral Program Guidelines



These guidelines embody the principles of the Woodlea Referral Program. They provide direction on the payment of Referral fees to:

  • Employees of Leakes Road Rockbank Pty Ltd, Victoria Investments and Properties and Mirvac (excluding sales staff)
  • Community groups associated with Woodlea
  • External licensed real estate agents
  • Existing purchasers
  • The Referred (an individual or couple).

This program excludes building companies and their representatives.


The reward will be:

  • A $1000 Prepaid Visa Reward Card at settlement.


A Referral Fee may be paid to the aforementioned who refer purchasers to Woodlea and the Referred. The following detail the conditions under which a Referral fee may be paid:

  1. The Referrer must comply with all relevant privacy laws and regulations and seek the express approval of the Referred before referring the prospective customer’s details to Woodlea.
  2. The Referral must be in writing, using the prescribed on-line form. Hard copy forms or emails will not be accepted.
  3. The Referred must not be an existing Woodlea customer and must not be on the Woodlea database prior to Referral.
  4. The Referred person/couple may only be Referred once.
  5. The Referrers are not limited by the number of Referrals they make and will receive the reward for each Referral that settles on their land contract in accordance with the terms and conditions set out.
  6. The Referred person/couple must purchase within six (6) months of being Referred to Woodlea for the reward to remain valid.
  7. The total referral amount is available subject to unconditional contract signing and settlement of the Referred party’s property and the full reward will only be issued once settlement has occurred. For Licensed Real Estate Agents, the referral will be split payments at unconditional contract signing and settlement as outlined in (Part A) above.
  8. Settlement must take place as per contractual agreements.
  9. The reward (a $1000 VISA Cash Card) will be sent to the Referrer and Referred within 30 days of settlement as per the address supplied.
  10. The reward is not transferable for cash.
  11. Woodlea reserves the right to review the Referral program and discontinue the offer at any time.
  12. This offer is not available in conjunction with any other offers.