Aintree Giants lead the charge in player safety

Aintree Giants lead the charge in player safety

Woodlea's AFL Club, the Aintree Giants, are one of the first clubs in the league to provide protective headgear for kids.

Aintree Giants introduce protective headgear initiative

The Aintree Giants AFL club will provide every child at the club with protective headgear, in an effort to reduce the risk of head injuries in sport and normalise headgear being worn during all training sessions and games.

Aligning with Woodlea’s healthiest community initiative, the Aintree Giants will provide 80 children across four teams with helmets, free of charge, with the goal that as the club builds and matures, the initiative will reduce the stigma of wearing protective headgear. 

Prioritising Safety

The Aintree Giants believe they are one of the first clubs to take action in normalising headgear, while also making it available to children for free. Aintree Giants President Nathan Brama said he is excited about the project for its potential to aid the children’s long-term health and lessen the chance for head injuries. 

“We may have a long way to go, but introducing the helmets to the young players will be a start and we are humbled to be able to do that at no cost to our club’s families.” 

Providing helmets at no cost

Nathan Brama emphasized the club’s commitment to child safety, noting that providing helmets free of charge alleviates the burden on parents. The club will also aim to implement additional measures, such as education on safer techniques, to enhance player safety during activities.

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