Community Tree Planting Day

Community Tree Planting Day

Community Tree Planting

Recently, our Woodlea community, together with ‘We Love Aintree,’ planted thousands of native trees to support our local ecosystem for our annual Community Tree Planting Day!


The day saw over 3,000 grasses and shrubs planted at Aintree Reserve, adding to the 1,000 native trees planted by our community at Rockbank Inn the month prior. These locally-sourced, native plants will aid in preserving our environment and supporting the biodiversity of Aintree, which is home to a large population of native wildlife that inhabits the wetlands throughout the suburb.

Sustainable Education

Along with the Community Tree Planting day, we’ve recently held a broad range of sustainability initiatives to help educate and encourage residents to adopt more sustainable behaviours in their everyday lives. This includes the Deanside Wetlands Clean Up, in addition to the Ben’s Bees’ workshop, which showcased the importance of honey bees and their role in maintaining biodiversity.

“Woodlea is a proudly accredited EnviroDevelopment project, which we wouldn’t be able to achieve without our amazing residents who uphold our environmental initiatives.” 

Woodlea Project Director, Matthew Dean 


As an EnviroDevelopment accredited project, Woodlea meets stringent standards set by expert ecologists, town planners, engineers, architects, lawyers, economists and developers. Woodlea is the largest master-planned community in Australia to achieve all six EnviroDevelopment accreditation ‘leaves’, demonstrating high-level performance in the areas of ecosystems, water, energy, waste, materials and community.