Celebrating another year of EnviroDevelopment Certification

Celebrating another year of EnviroDevelopment Certification

With a vision to become Australia’s healthiest community, we’re pleased to announce Woodlea has been EnviroDevelopment Recertified for another year!

What is EnviroDevelopment?

EnviroDevelopment is an independent assessment that certifies property developments with outstanding sustainability performance. When purchasing within Woodlea, you can feel confident you’re going to live in a home that has been designed and delivered sensitive to the natural environment. This will provide benefits for years to come.

Elements that make up an EnviroDevelopment

Woodlea has achieved EnviroDevelopment Certification as a result of meeting the below six requirements:

  • Ecosystems: efforts to protect and enhance the existing native ecosystems and rehabilitate the environment
  • Waste: worked to minimise the creation of waste during and prior to construction
  • Energy: exceeded the government’s energy requirements
  • Materials: 20% of the materials used in developing Woodlea were recycled, reused or renewable
  • Water: incorporation of systems that reduce the use of potable water by at least 20% compared to regulatory compliance
  • Community: made efforts to create a safe, vibrant and cohesive community

Benefits of living in a EnviroDevelopment

Woodlea residents will benefit from:

  • Increased well being due to opportunities to enjoy open green spaces and nature
  • Reduced cost of building by using materials wisely
  • Up to 20% reduced energy and water bills
  • Living in a safe and pleasant neighbourhood