How to grow & care for your sunflowers

How to grow & care for your sunflowers

Here's what you'll need:

  • Either a nice sunny spot in the garden (preferable full sun for min 6 hours/day) OR a medium sized pot (about the size of a bucket)
  • Garden soil and/or compost
  • Woodlea’s sunflower seeds
  • Water


Here's how to do it

    1. Find a position in the garden away from other plants or place your pot in that perfectly sunny position
    2. Dig a little hole and fill with garden soil/compost
    3. Poke a hole in the soil about 2cm deep
    4. Place the Woodlea sunflower seed into the hole and cover with soil
    5. Give it a little water so it’s nice and damp

5. After about 1 – 2 weeks the seed should germinate (a little green shoot will appear)

6. Keep watering the plant every couple of days to keep the ground damp (it will only need a drink every couple of days if it has not rained)

7. After eight – ten weeks you should have a fully grown sunflower

8. During this time keep up the watering


*If you are planting multiple seeds, ensure they are spaced 20cm apart to allow for strong and healthy growth

FUN FACT: The tallest sunflower ever recorded was 9.17m tall…that’s half the height of our viewing tower!!



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Want to showcase your gardening skills?

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