A new park to reflect & learn

A new park to reflect & learn

We’re excited to reveal the first look at our newest park opening in October, Outlook Site Park.


The new park will include bluestone paving, feature walls, native grasslands and cultural heritage signage, providing the Woodlea community with a place to reflect, learn and share about the history of the Woodlea is site.

Read below to learn more about the cultural significance of Outlook Site Park and its surrounds.

An Elevated Outlook

The Outlook Site has an elevated position (hence its name), offering a wonderful view of the Deanside Wetlands. Being elevated the site was optimal for:

  • Hunting: Lower areas provided a pathway for animals like Kangaroos to pass through
  • Navigation: First Nations could use the creek lines of Kororoit Creek to guide them to camping grounds or to meet other clans for celebrations and ceremonies.

Stone Tool Manufacturing Sites

Archaeology is the study of the human past through the material remains left behind. 


Through undertaking excavations on the lands of the Aboriginal peoples of the eastern Kulin nations, archaeologists and Traditional Owners uncovered evidence of stone tool manufacturing sites along the Kororoit Creek.

Hunting & Gathering toolkit

The tools found during excavations made up a ‘toolkit’ needed for hunting and gathering. These included: 

  • Grinding stones for processing grass seeds
  • Axe heads that were made into hand axes
  • Sharp stone flakes used as barbs on hunting spears 

Specific to Outlook site, over 1,000 artefacts were found!