Meet Aintree Soccer Club’s new head coach!

Meet Aintree Soccer Club’s new head coach!

Players of Woodlea Soccer Academy are receiving all-star development, with Carlos Luciano da Silva joining the club as a coach.

Prior to moving to Melbourne in 2020, the soccer star played for Brazil in the 2005 FIFA Club World Championships in Japan where he scored the only goal for Sao Paula, allowing the team to defeat Liverpool in the final.

Sharing his expertise widely throughout the community, da Silva is both head coach of Woodlea Soccer Academy in Aintree along with being president and head coach of Aintree Soccer Club. With an extensive soccer career, the players of Aintree are being taught discipline, teamwork, mental preparation and strategy.

Fun Facts

  • Nicknamed Mineiro, for his shy and quiet personality
  • Kicked the only goal for Sao Paula in the final of the 2005 FIFA World Championships in Japan
  • Represented Brazil 24 times in the early 2000s
  • Played for both Sao Paula and English Premier League team Chelsea
  • Moved to Melbourne in 2020.