Pruning to perfection

Pruning to perfection

Pruning your garden is not a hard task but it can make all the difference in generating new growth and keeping your garden looking neat. Today, in partnership with Eat Grow Garden, we are sharing some tricks for how to prune shrubs, trees & grasses.

Before we start, what will you need to prune your garden?

  • A trusty pair of secateurs
  • Pruning saw
  • If you’re keen to take your pruning to the next level, hedge proof pruners, larger lopping pruners and a telescoping handle pruner are also great



Once your flowers are gone, prune off the tip to allow for fresh growth and to maintain a nice shape. 


The easiest way to prune your shrubs is to tip prune. Timing is important here, however, always ensure your shrubs are tipped pruned after they finish flowering. For spring and summer flowers, prune in autumn, and for winter flowers, prune in spring or summer.

Hedging Plants

With hedges it’s important that you don’t let them get away from you. By pruning every few weeks or once a month you’ll ensure your plant keeps its shape and will avoid dead patches arising from a harsh prune. 


Decorative Trees

The great thing about ornamental trees is that they don’t require much maintenance. Only once a year, typically before spring or summer growth you should prune them to ensure you maintain the shape you would like. To do this, work out where you would like the lowest branch to be and prune everything else off below.

Grasses and Strappy Leaf Plants

Pruning grasses and strappy leaf plants depends on what kind of grass/plant they are, however as a general rule of thumb you can prune it unless it’s located in a place where it will just keep growing. 


What’s great with these plants is you can afford to be harsh, taking off at least two thirds of the plant’s growth. Prune in a diagonal direction from the bottom upwards, keeping length at the top to ensure a nice shape. If you prune before spring, these plants will grow back lush and beautiful.

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