Top tips for having a beautiful lawn

Top tips for having a beautiful lawn

There’s nothing better than living in a street that is filled with beautiful gardens and lawns.


Today, in partnership with Eat Grow Garden, we’re providing you with some tips and tricks on how to maintain your lawn to perfection. Time of the year, aeration, fertiliser and consistent mowing is essential to have the perfect lawn. Check out our tips below.



The best time to work on your lawn is in autumn and winter. During the cooler months of the year, you can get on top of weeds as grass typically goes dormant. By putting in the extra work during these seasons, your lawn will be in the best shape possible heading into spring and summer.


All you need to do is push a garden fork into the ground and wiggle it a little and pull it out, doing this every 30cm or so. By decompacting your lawn you will bring in moisture and promote healthy growth!


Autumn and winter is the perfect time to apply a good organic fertilizer to your lawn! We highly recommend an organic fertilizer as it is eco friendly, both in the manufacturing process as well as when it’s washed down our waterways.


Eat Grow Garden recommends looking for a fertilizer with a PH around 6.5-7 and to apply something high in nitrogen to promote green leaf growth. Don’t forget to water your lawns immediately after fertilizer so that you don’t burn your lawns!



The more you mow the better, says the team at Eat Grow Garden. When you mow more regularly, say every 2-3 weeks, your lawns will look green and healthy.


It’s important when mowing longer lawns to cut them back slowly, in doing so you’ll ensure your lawn will stay full and green.

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