Why home customisation is more important than ever

Why home customisation is more important than ever

2020 has irrevocably changed the way we will live forever. Building new is the best way to design a home to fit your lifestyle & your own unique set of requirements.

“Ensuring spaces work for multiple occasions is critical to being able to utilise & enjoy every centimetre of space within the home,” Richard Hobden, Director of RHJB Architects

Flexible spaces

  • Taking the dynamic needs of each family member into consideration, flexible spaces are becoming increasingly popular. Smart, well-considered bespoke joinery will always improve living and aesthetic, but now more than ever this can be used to transform a room into different functions,” Interior Designer Samantha Watkins McRae
  • Joinery or cabinetry is a great way to hide or create storage and can greatly assist in making a space a multi-use zone.
  • By designing spaces in your home to have multiple uses, you can create more bang for your buck without extending or increasing the size of your house

Natural light

  • Not only reducing carbon emissions and electricity bills, spaces filled with natural light are known to improve health and happiness
  • It can also make a room lighter and brighter and give the feeling of more space.
  • By cleverly placing windows and doors and opting for bright, neutral colours, your home is guaranteed to feel more open and expansive.

Whether you’re after your own piece of land, the convenience of a house and land package or a townhouse, Woodlea recognises the varying needs of the community and offers an extensive range of customisable packages and designs to suit every individual. Find out more today!