31 MAR, 2020


To support the Colakidis family, who have lived in our Woodlea community since 2017, we’re initiating a campaign that will make you reconsider leaving your home during the Covid-19 outbreak.

If you would like to partake in the #stayinghomeforsammy challenge:

  1. Post a photo or video of yourself/family at home and what you’re doing to keep busy
  2. Mention that you are #stayinghomeforsammy and for other vulnerable members of our community
  3. Challenge three friends to do the same


Their sassy and tenacious daughter, 4-year-old identical twin Samantha (or Sammy Lammy as she prefers to be called) was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma, an incurable cancer.


Sammy has proved herself to be a powerhouse of strength throughout the whole 12-month journey of chemotherapy, surgery, tandem stem cell transplant, radiation and immunotherapy.


She attends her appointments at the Royal Children’s Hospital in her ruby red shoes, pretty dresses and headbands, ready to kick cancers butt.

Now, in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, Sammy’s compromised immune system has put her more at risk and the Colakidis family hope a new social media ‘challenge’ will drive home the importance of staying home.


In support of Sammy and her fast-growing family of six, we’ve initiated #stayinghomeforsammy, a social media ‘challenge’ where Australian’s are encouraged to share a photo or video of themselves in isolation in an effort to raise awareness of the devastating effects community transmission could have on vulnerable members of the community, such as Sammy’s family.


The Colakidis family had a number of fundraising events organised to help raise funds for Sammy to travel overseas for treatment but in light of new regulations, all events were cancelled. To contribute to Sammy’s Go Fund Me campaign, visit HERE.