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Friday 17th February 2017

Welcome to your journey with Bacchus Marsh Grammar, Woodlea

On Monday 30th January, the Bacchus Marsh Grammar, Early Learning Centre - Woodlea Campus, opened their doors for the first time.

Over the past fortnight, the BMG team of education experts have welcomed 21 families to the Centre. Children have attended the 2-3 year old room (Lilly Pilly), 3-4 year old room (Wattles) and the 4-5 year old room (River gums). It was wonderful to finally hear little voices, squeals of delight, bikes pedalling around the playground and even the gentle snores at rest time, (Yes, some do rest and sleep!) within the walls of our new building.

The children proudly wore their uniforms, waving goodbye to Mum and Dad, dropping their bags into their new lockers and exploring their rooms filled with paints, playdough, crayons, puzzles, toys and books. Soon the children were playing with each other as if they had been friends forever.

Welcome to your journey with Bacchus Marsh Grammar, Woodlea.

The Centre provides a rich learning environment incorporating comprehensive Kindergarten programs for children aged three to five years. Our two-year-old children also enjoy an engaging program within a small group. Our hours each day are 7.00am to 6.00pm, offering breakfast, morning and afternoon tea and a two-course lunch.

If your family or friends are interested in enrolling your child/ren, please visit our Centre at 5 – 7 Quarry Road, Woodlea Estate or contact us on 0499 551 238. A Registration of Interest is also available on the school’s website

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