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Tuesday 21st August 2018

Public Primary School one step closer

Woodlea have now officially transferred a 3.5-hectare school site in Aintree across to The Department of Education with indications that the Public Primary School will be delivered in the coming years. With the site originally earmarked in the 2012 approved ‘Rockbank North Precinct Structure Plan’ and Woodlea offsetting its Growth Areas Infrastructure Contribution (GAIC) against the value of the site, it has resulted in a first of its kind land transfer in Victoria.
This announcement involved a long sequence of negotiations over the past 24 months but nonetheless has resulted in a great milestone for the local community, state government and Woodlea.

Since 2015, around 2,100 residents have moved into the suburb and once fully developed 20,000 people will call Woodlea home. To ensure that these residents have local infrastructure within reasonable time frames, agreements like this GAIC Land Transfer are extremely important.

This particular agreement will pave the way for future community infrastructure within undeveloped areas all around Victoria.

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