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Monday 27th February 2017

A Digital Playground comes to Woodlea

Do you remember when you were little and had an imaginary friend? Maybe you had a spaceship or an enchanted forest only you could see.

Imagine what it would be like to give your kids the possibility to create their own imaginary world and design their own motion games to share with their friends...

Introducing Magical Parks - The world's first digital playground

Magical Park is a new augmented reality experience aimed at getting children outdoors and interacting with the natural environment. 

Developed by GEO AR Games, Magical Park turns an urban city park into a digital fantasy playground, transforming open spaces and playgrounds into an exciting and engaging world for children and families to explore. Utilising a mobile device and the Magical Park app, users create a blended virtual world seen through the app once they enter the boundaries of the magical park. Specifically aimed at engaging children aged from six to 11 years, Magical Park offers smartphone or tablet-based experiences.

Parks Week 2017 @Woodlea

Parks week is an Annual event celebrated and organised by councils in Australia and New Zealand to raise awareness on the value of parks and open spaces, and to get families out of their living rooms and enjoying the outdoors.

Magical Park will be a feature of this years Parks Week 2017, and as part of our commitment to wellness and creating open spaces for our community to enjoy, we've decided to host our very own Magical Park at Woodlea !  

How to participate (remember, it's FREE!)

Woodlea's Stage 1 and Stage 4 parks will be transformed into a Magical Park from the 4th - 12th March for your family to explore!

Simply CLICK HERE to download your guide to start your magical parks adventure at Woodlea!  

More information and to download the Magical Parks AP and play at Woodlea

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