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Amenities at your doorstep

Half tuckshop, half inner Melbourne style cafe – Go West Eatery and Tuckshop offers visitors of Woodlea and Melbourne's West a taste of inner city dining... A quick coffee on the way to the football, a long luncheon on a quiet day or indeed the supplies you need before you head home to the kids.

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Local Town

The future Local Town Centre is destined to be the heart of Woodlea, and plans to offer a bus interchange, professional services, a supermarket and all the day-to-day essentials. Keeping in contact with friends, family and neighbours will be as easy as strolling over to your favourite Woodlea café.

From last minute birthday gifts to quick retail fixes, Woodlea will offer convenient shopping solutions. In time a planned local supermarket will make it easy to keep hungry households satisfied and passionate home cooks occupied. As the future Local Town Centre grows and evolves there is ample space for businesses of all types to open their doors.

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Like every thriving township Woodlea will grow to contain a whole range of important civic spaces. Catering to great ideas, great friendships and great possibilities, these places will form the cornerstone of a thriving, energetic region.

Whether you’re interested in a community choir or a local craft club, Woodlea’s plans include appropriate spaces for numerous activities. As the future Local Town Centre evolves so to will the array of planned health care services and facilities on offer.

Covering everything from maternal and child health to the general health care, Woodlea’s focus on wellbeing will extend to the provision of indoor sports courts, gym facilities and a public library that ensures Woodlea becomes a well read destination.

What’s happening at Woodlea

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