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To welcome the first residents at Woodlea in style, each home purchased* will include a front landscaping package in the contract. 

Three wonderful garden palettes are yours for the choosing, ranging from the Classsic, to the Contemporary to the Woodland. Each one, though different in style and plant types, is designed to be sustainable and suitable for the Woodlea location.

Barry Murphy, Director of MDG Landscape Architects and a vital member of the Woodlea team, has used the existing and striking natural surrounds of Woodlea to inspire the design and arrangement of individual neighbourhoods and public spaces.

These aspects, from the nearby River Redgum woodland, to Kororoit Creek and Deanside Wetlands, also combine with modern architectural trends to influence the domestic landscape packages you can choose from. Your new garden will be an adornment to the street.

*Plant selections come with a mix of varieties and species depending which palette you choose. Illustrations are indicative only.



Available in both warm and cool plant and paving palettes, this is the perfect accent for a truly modern home. Choices include everything from verdant Dwarf Acacia to dramatic Bird of Paradise and gorgeous Red Flowering Gums.Pebbles, steppers and gravels are included.

  • Informal
  • Native and
    Exotic species
  • Plants vary by Warm
    and Cool colour palette



Some of your favourite traditional and flowering varieties are provided here. The packages include pretty, fragrant Lavender, hardy Rosemary, Carpet Roses, Magnolias and Gardenias. Complementary pebbles, steppers and gravels are included.

  • Formal
  • Traditional and
    Floral species
  • Plants vary by Warm
    and Cool colour palette



Embrace the indigenous surrounds of Woodlea with plants such as Banksias, Grevilleas, Myrtle, and Bush Cherry, depending on the palette you select. Nearby heritage sites are truly brought home when you choose stylish bluestone gravel and steppers.

  • Relaxed
  • Mainly drought
    hardy native species
  • Plants vary by Warm
    and Cool colour palette

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