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Monday 13th August 2018

A free Rockbank train station shuttle bus has arrived at Woodlea

A FREE trial shuttle service will be running from Monday 4th June to Friday 31st August at Woodlea, offering pick up and drop off services for residents to and from Rockbank train station.

The shuttle service will be run by the Caroline Springs RSL volunteers and will operate Monday - Friday for the peak hour trains.


Morning services include:

6.21 AM, 7.24 AM, 7.54 AM and 8.21AM v/Line services from Rockbank Station to the City.

Evening pick-up services include: 

5.28PM, 6.03 PM and 6.31PM v/Line services from Rockbank Station to Woodlea.

The shuttle will make three designated pick up / drop off's through Woodlea, with tickets to be reserved below.

The designated pickup/drop off zones include:

  • STOP 1: Woodlea Carpark, at the rear of the Sale Offices and Go West Eatery, 
  • STOP 2: Frontier Park on Frontier Ave, and 
  • STOP 3:  at the Corner of Frontier Ave and Timber Pde



A reservation must be made online via eventbrite to secure a ticket for the shuttle service.

Please click on the below link to secure your seat on the shuttle service. Once you have selected the time of service you require, please select date of departure via the dropdown in eventbrite.

A limit of 2 shuttle services can be booked per person in advance.

Morning Services departing from Woodlea to Rockbank Station                                                                          

 Depart (Stop 1)      Arrive Rockbank Station                             
6:00am   6:15am book now
7:05am   7:20am book now
7:30am   7:45am book now
8:00am   8:15am book now


Evening Services departing from Rockbank Station to Woodlea                      

   Depart                  Arrive Woodlea (Stop 1)                         
5:10PM   5:25pm book now
5:35pm   5:40pm book now
6:10pm   6:15pm book now
6:40pm   6:45pm book now

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